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Strawberry Shortcake Personal Checks

Strawberry Shortcake Personal Checks

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Strawberry Shortcake checks welcome you to Strawberryland. Strawberry Shortcake is now back as spunky and sweet as ever. She was originally created as a cartoon character in greeting cards and became a phenomenal fad in children’s clothing and toys in the 80s. She came from a tiny magical place called Strawberryland where strawberries are overly large that a wheelbarrow is needed just to carry one. She lived in a strawberry house.    

The happy moments of Strawberry Shortcake and her polka-dot cat, Custard, are featured in these checks in different alternating designs. Let Strawberry Shortcake checks take you to Strawberryland where the tiny mystical creatures explore magical lands with fun-filled adventures as they remind you of the importance of friendship.

The artistic Strawberry Shortcake checks are a pleasure to have. Strawberry Shortcake looks sassy in the images as she and Custard share strawberry meal, haul some flowers, take a bicycle ride together and bake some strawberries with green, yellow, pink and blue separate backgrounds.

Instead of writing on plain checks, feel the adventure of this sweet tiny girl by using Strawberry Shortcake checks. These nostalgic checks will remind you of the beauty of childlike innocence and will inspire you to live happily. Strawberry Shortcake checks are adorable and this charming little girl will brighten your day even if you have a lot of bills to pay.