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Paisley Personal Checks

Paisley Personal Checks

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Paisley Checks feature the simple, yet popular paisley designs in pastel colors. The paisley design resembles a leaf from a mango tree and affectionately referred to as Persian pickles by American quilt makers. Paisley design originated from Kashmir in Himalayas of North West of India and North East of Pakistan and named after the Scottish town of Paisley. The design was popularly used in 15th century as a motif for decorating interiors of royal palaces and court garments. The paisley motif has been very popular in upholstery cushions, bedspreads, shawls, scarves and curtains.

The mysterious-shaped paisley in Paisley personal checks is traditionally believed to represent both death and rebirth. It features sheer versatility as it can go along with any color and any combination of colors. There are no two paisley designs that are perfectly the same. The various hues of colors used in paisley can give it a different interpretation. It can be aggressive, dramatic or just plain fashionable.

Paisley checks are elegant yet simplistic. They give grace to your financial transactions in either retro vintage or modern way. Paisley checks are a great alternative to boring, plain checks issued by banks. Paisley has a universal appeal to people due to its versatility. You can take an old paisley pattern and have it developed into something modern, vibrant or classic.  Paisley checks are really fashionable with a timeless look and feel to them.