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Marilyn Monroe checks feature some of photographs of the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe which include her iconic skirt-swirling image. Norma Jeane Mortenson in real life, American actress, model and singer Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) is ranked 6th female cinema legend of all time by American Film Institute. During her time, she was cited as a cultural and pop icon and eminent American sex symbol. This ambitious star is an inspiration to many people and was able to rise to the highest level of fame despite her difficult childhood life. She never woke up again from sleep at the age of 36 when her career was at peak. Her memories continue to live on and perhaps until forever.

Four alternating photographic images of the intriguing yet enchanting film icon are featured in Marilyn Monroe checks. Each time you write on Marilyn Monroe checks, you can get a glimpse of her one-of-a-kind classic beauty. Men loved her beautiful face, curvy figure, bewitching voice and light blond hair while women adored her for her glamour, sense of style and alluring fashion. 

Each stunning image of Marilyn Monroe checks pays homage to her exuberance, magnificence and youth.  These checks give allure and style to your financial transactions unlike the dull, plain, generic checks. The captivating images of Marilyn Monroe in these checks exude the allure and feminine mystique of this blonde bombshell. These checks are a fashionable way of paying your bills.