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Irish personal checks feature the plush green fields of Ireland and clovers which have been believed to be holy plants. Irish people have been wearing them on St. Patrick’s Day since the 17th century. Clovers have occupied certain positions in cultural life of early Irish people. Three-leaf clovers are believed to charm away evil spirits as they symbolize the biblical Holy Trinity. Four-leaf clovers are universally known as symbol of good luck.

Irish people think that finding a stem of clover with four leaves brings good luck although finding a stem of clover with more than four leaves doesn’t make one any luckier. Even today, the mystery of four-leaf clover continues but it’s very hard to find in the vast green fields of Ireland. Three-leaf clover or Shamrock has been the most recognized national symbol of Ireland which is featured in most of the Ireland personal checks.

Featuring the joy of Ireland, the Scenic Ireland personal checks show off the plush green fields and Ireland’s ancient walls of stones which make the rolling landscapes distinguishable. These checks come in four images of vast lands in beautiful scenes of Irish agricultural nature. Those who dream of seeing the land of Ireland in a countryside setting will be captivated by these personal checks.

A Bit of Irish personal checks make the Irish spirit bloom. These checks consist of two whimsical designs that convey a message to everyone that each day is St. Patrick’s Day for you. With just the right color, elements and personality of a true Irish, these enchanting personal checks can make you paint the town green. They feature clover leaves which may bring you good luck.

Celebrate with the whimsical leprechauns in Luck of the Irish Personal Checks that feature four enchanting images of happy leprechauns. The different images of checks alternate with one another so you can see a new image after the other as you write on these checks.  These iconic little creatures with green outfit, buckled shoes and oversized hat have been universally incorporated with clover leaves and gold coins.

Make the St. Patrick’s Day last all-year round with the Shamrocks personal checks. The three-leaf clover, also known as Shamrock, is the symbol of Holy Trinity that the Irish believed to chase away bad luck. These charming checks convey the season of festivity which has been celebrated in Ireland for centuries. The festive Shamrocks checks feature the image of three-clover leaves with a pale green background. They’re sure to bring good cheer to anyone who sees them. Shamrock is the national symbol of Ireland. Be proud of bringing Shamrocks checks, and be proud of Ireland. 

Featured in Where Magic Happens personal checks are clovers in abstract style. The checks consist of four whimsical images of clovers swirling with the breeze in watercolor. The charming pastel color and playful imagery of these personal checks give you the feel of magic each time you write a check. These beautiful check designs make use of rich green color in different hues blended together to create wonderful and heartwarming designs.